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Badge Alert: Man v. Food

manvfood resized 600

Do you love eating? Get out there and get your grub on and earn this badge then! How to earn: Follow Travel Channel and check in to a suggested venue. (Many suggested spots are locations that the TV show has been to)

Badge Alert: Racked

racked resized 600

Hey Big Spender……spend a little time checking in at 3 of Racked.com’s favorite places and you could have this badge!! How To Get: Follow Racked and check in to 3 recommended venues

Badge Alert: MTV VMA Badge

image001 resized 600

Growing up on MTV, who didn’t want their very own Moonman? Now, you too, can have yours while you watch the VMA’s on August 28th. How to get: Follow MTV and check in to a venue with the main category of: Music Venue, Concert Hall, Piano Bar, Jazz Club, Rock Club or Record shop between August 8th & August 28th.

Foursquare Dot Edu


Foursquare is now partnering with colleges and universities around the country with badges.

Badge Alert: Perry Ellis Heritage

Perry EllisOut shopping? Looking for some great new clothes? Whether you are a new or seasoned Perry Ellis fan, you can now earn this great new badge! Just follow Perry Ellis on foursquare, check in to one of their stores, followed by three check in's to recommended venues listed on their foursquare page. Shop around and score this new fun badge!

Badge Alert: Harry Potter Badge

Screen shot 2011 07 15 at 11.42.27 AM resized 600

Grab your wands. The final battle is here. Earn this badge when you view Deathly Hallows Part II.

Badge Alert: Its a Boy/Its a Girl

Screen shot 2011 07 14 at 2.06.46 PM resized 600

Congratulations, you just added to your family, or maybe just added to your badge count. Either way, your life just got a little better. Rush on over to the nearest hospital to get this badge.

Badge Alert: 30 Minutes Or Less

Screen shot 2011 07 12 at 9.09.29 PM resized 600

What goes better with Pizzas and Banks better than Badges. Upcoming movie, 30 Minutes or less has joined forces with FourSquare and now you can unlock this badge.  Follow to movie to earn the badge.

Badge Alert: Wino

foursquare wino badge

Whether you enjoy a glass of chardonay, cabernet, pinot noir, grigio, or shiraz, this wine enthusiast badge is meant for you! Just hit up five of your favorite local wine bars, categorized as "Wine Bar" on separate occasions to get it.

Badge Alert: Pepsi Summer Fun

Screen shot 2011 07 04 at 2.35.53 PM resized 600

Check into your favorite park, dock, or beach to earn this badge! Follow Pepsi on Foursquare too!

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